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The Real Cost of Dental Care

The Real Cost of Dental Care Good Oral Health corresponds to a state of being free from tooth-ache, tooth-decay, oral sores, mouth cancer, gum diseases and other oral disorders. According to WHO, around 60-90% children, 15-25% middle-aged people and almost 100% adults... read more

Dental Implants or the Bridge?

Unfortunately, sooner or later most of us will loose at least one tooth. What are the options when it is time to replace one?  Dental Implants or a Bridge? The bridge option was considered the standard of care until recently. To replace a missing tooth the dentist... read more

Hope You Like the New Look

Check Out the New Website We hope everyone likes the new look of the site.  The update is to help both existing and prospective dental patients easily find more information about all of the services that Dr. Bondar and his staff at Smile Design Center provide the... read more