Dental Implants

Dental Implants Can Make You Look AND Feel AMAZING

You know you want to smile.  And, sometimes that is hard if your teeth aren’t exactly the way you would wish they were. If you have lost teeth based on injury, accident or disease, then dental implants may be a great solution.  Dr. Bondar and his team at Smile Design Center will help make sure that your smile is as beautiful, strong and long lasting as possible.  We use the very best technology – some of which Dr. Bondar invented himself – to make sure that the results are exactly what you wished.

  • Dental Implants are an alternative to dentures or bridge work for replacing your damaged or missing teeth.
  • The dental implant is made from strong materials like titanium and is implanted in the jaw bone.
  • Dental implants function like the roots of your missing teeth.
  • Implants are typically placed with only a local anesthetic.
  • Generally, there is minimal post-operative pain or discomfort.

Dental implants are teeth that look and feel just like your own! When a tooth is removed, it’s best to replace it with a dental implant as promptly as possible, preferably same visit.  After you lose a tooth the load and work that each remaining tooth has to take is increased because there are fewer of them.

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.  If you have missing teeth, dental implants can help you regain the ability to eat virtually anything and you can smile with confidence.

The Smile Design team will also make sure that the entire procedure is as pain free as possible so that after the entire procedure is done you will be not only happy with the result but also with the process!!

Dr. Bondar is the inventor of patented KAT Implants System, he holds three US and one EU patents for dental implants. KAT implants received FDA approval in 2009 and have been placed in most of the states in US. KAT implants are stronger than traditional hollow implants due to a unique solid body design. Superior strength allows for smaller diameter implants to be used in narrow ridges to minimize the need for costly bone grafts.

Visit for more information on KAT Implants System.

Dental Implants and veneers helped this patient to improve her smile.
Smile rejuvenated with dental implants and veneers. Dentistry and lab work by Vitali Bondar, DDS - Portsmouth NH dentist.

Stronger Dental Implants are Better!

Dental Implants Strength Comparison
Why are stronger implants good for you?
Stronger implants are less likely to fracture. The Implant Strength Diagram on the left shows the strength of KAT 3.1mm diameter implant compared to other leading manufacturer’s 3.0 – 3.5mm diameter implants.
KAT 3.1mm implant has twice the strength! That’s because of a unique solid body design of KAT implants.

The x-ray below shows a fractured implant that required implant removal. When choosing implants, go with the stronger option!

Smaller diameter implants can be placed without bone grafting if there isn’t sufficient bone width present for standard size implants. KAT implants is a logical choice for limited bone width treatments because of an added strength of a solid body design.

Dental implants can fracture

Dental Implants Pricing at the Smile Design Center located in Portsmouth, NH are:

Single implant placed in a healed site with sufficient bone – $3,500 (all sites for the exception of the upper central incisor). Includes custom abutment and zirconia crown. 

Single implant to replace upper central incisor – $4,500. Includes custom abutment and zirconia crown.  Upper central incisors are the most challenging teeth to restore in regards to the shape and color match. Additional appointment are frequently required to achieve pleasing result.

Single implant with tooth extraction – $3,850 (includes tooth extraction, implant, simple type of bone grafting such as grafting of the extraction socket, custom abutment and a zirconia crown).

The fee will be lower if more than one implant is placed at the same time. For example, two implants treatment plan will cost $6,500.
Larger treatment plans will cost even less per implant, as long as all implants are placed and restored at the same time (three implants – $8,500; additional implants – add $2,000).

The following are Bone Grafting Procedures that are charged separately:

Sinus Grafting, side window (lateral) approach, when bone height is <5 mm – $2,200.

Sinus Grafting, vertical approach, can be done the same time with implant placement if minimum bone height is 5-6 mm – $700.

Cortical Bone Graft (bone plate attached to the side of jaw bone with screws, done when bone width is minimal) – $3,000.

The following treatment options are given to patients who are ready to replace all of their teeth. Highest quality materials (made in USA, Germany or Japan) are used for temporary and final restorations. Costs are given per arch.

Option 1 – Full denture without implants – $5,500

  • Extraction of all teeth, bone grafting of all extraction sockets;
  • Immediate denture delivered same visit with extractions;
  • Two soft tissue relines to improve fit of denture during healing time of 5 months;
  • Permanent reline after gums stop changing shape rapidly. Usually done 5 months after extractions.
  • All denture adjustments within 6 months from denture delivery.
Upper denture without support from dental implants.

Option 2 – Full denture with four implants – $12,000

  • Extraction of all teeth, bone grafting of all extraction sockets;
  • Immediate denture delivered same visit with extractions;
  • Placement 4 implants;
  • Two soft tissue relines to improve the fit of denture during healing time of 5 months;
  • Permanent reline after gums stop changing shape rapidly. Usually done 5 months after extractions.
  • Placement of abutments over implants and attachments inside denture. This step is done on the same day with permanent reline.
  • All denture adjustments within 6 months from denture delivery.
Dental implants placed same visit with full arch extractions.
Upper denture with support from implants.

Option 3 – Fixed 10 – 12 teeth zirconia bridge on 4 – 6 implants – $22,500.

More implants provide better support for the final bridge. We always try to place more implants, it doesn’t cost us much as far as cost of implants and abutments. We have thousands of them on a shelf. But sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Extraction of all teeth, bone grafting of all extraction sockets;
  • Placement of 4 – 6 implants;
  • Immediate temporary denture delivery same visit with extractions and implant placement, or a fixed temporary bridge attached to the implants. We want for you to have a fixed temporary bridge and will do anything possible to give it to you, but don’t want to compromise successful treatment. It is not possible to get tight fit/stability of implants if there is little bone or bone is too soft. We are able to give patients fixed temporary bridge in most cases though.
  • Second fixed temporary bridge (will have the same shape as the permanent bridge).
  • Permanent fixed zirconia bridge with layered pink gum porcelain – done once the last temporary bridge is approved.
What about “Permanent Bridges Same Day” advertisements?

We can make a “permanent” acrylic bridge and cement it the same day on implants in most cases. We just call it a TEMPORARY. One can’t really call a bridge permanent unless it is made from metal with overlaid porcelain or a solid zirconia. Acrylic is prone to fractures, discoloration and will wear fast. Zirconia requires 8 hours of sintering time in an oven, porcelain to metal bridge requires even more in-lab time. Adding porcelain to permanent bridges to close gaps caused by shrinking gums and bone (we prefer to call it “soft and hard tissue remodeling”) would be a big project too. Our on-site lab can make bridges and crowns as fast as any commercial lab, but we recommend to get through the healing stage with the temporary bridge and not to rush into a permanent one. Usually it takes 3 – 5 months for bone and gums to settle in after extractions and implants placement. This way the spacing between the bridge and gums will be ideal (if it’s too large – food will accumulate easily, and if it’s too small – you will not be able to clean under the bridge). The  final result will be so much better!

Let us at the Smile Design Center recommend the best option for your dental implants treatment!

We are so confident that our experience (>300 implants placed and restored annually) combined with excellent customer care, flat fee schedule and complete integration of the entire process (in-house manufacturing of implants, abutments, crowns, permanent and temporary bridges and dentures) allows us to provide extremely competitive treatment pricing, that we will give you 10% off a comparable printed treatment plan/cost estimate from any other provider.