Don’t Underestimate the Value of  “Simple” Fillings!

Dr. Bondar places only tooth-colored fillings that are made from a composite material that is not only as durable and long lasting as the metal fillings, but actually makes the teeth stronger. This is due to the process, called “bonding” that is utilized during the filling placement. Bonding results in a very strong bond between the composite and surrounding walls, thus reinforcing the tooth. Unlike the composite restorations, the amalgam fillings (made from mercury, silver and other metals) are typically not bonded and may lead to the fractures of the teeth. It is not unusual to observe the crack lines after removal of the amalgam restorations.

Since 2002 Dr. Bondar has been placing only tooth-colored restorations in his practice. He works hard to minimize tooth sensitivity which is often associated with composite bonding process. Chances of tooth sensitivity after the procedure are minimal, less than 1% at Smile Design Center.

Replacement of the amalgam fillings, of indicated due to recurrent decay, tooth fractures or material fracture, should be done with a rubber dam isolation in order to prevent swallowing of the mercury and contamination of composite material with saliva. It is Dr. Bondar’s observation that tooth fractures happen much more often if the tooth has a large metal filling. Sometimes the fractures are so severe that the tooth has to be removed, as shown in images on this page.
Dr. Bondar is proud to say that he has not placed a single amalgam filling since opening the Smile Design Center in 2002.

Composite fillings are the most conservative restorations; they also have a potential to be the most long lasting ones. Only the best materials are chosen at Smile Design Center to ensure the fit, longevity and aesthetic appearance of the final restoration.
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Composite fillings
Failing Metal Amalgam Filling
Finished tooth-colored filling
Fractured Tooth with Large Metal Filling
Fractured Tooth with Large Metal Filling. Tooth was removed.
Composite filling that was placed 13 years ago.